Snap-Up Spill Berms

$395.00 - $2,850.00
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Versatility and superior chemical resistance says it all with the Snap-Up Spill Berms. Entry to the berm is a snap. Simply remove the triangular stays on the sidewall where necessary, and slide them back into place for ultimate containment. With many standard sizes to meet your exact need, and resistance to a wide array of chemicals, this berm will snap the difficulty out of any job.

Part Number Dimensions
WxLxH ft. (m)
lb. (kg)
Spill Capacity
gal. (L)
SK-44 4x4x1 (1.2x1.2x0.3) 18 (8) 119 (450)
SK-55 5x5x1 (1.5x1.5x0.3) 29 (13) 187 (707)
SK-66 6x6x1 (1.8x1.8x0.3) 37 (16) 269 (1018)
SK-88 8x8x1 (2.4x2.4x0.3) 52 (23) 479 (1813)
SK-1010 10x10x1 (3x3x0.3) 60 (27) 748 (2831)
SK-1212 12x12x1 (3.6x3.6x0.3) 80 (36) 1077 (4076)
SK-1616 16x16x1 (4.8x4.8x0.3) 110 (50) 1915 (7249)
SK-1220 12x20x1 (3.6x6x0.3) 130 (59) 1795 (6794)
SK-1230 12x30x1 (3.6x9.1x0.3) 140 (63) 2693 (10194)
SK-1240 12x40x1 (3.6x12.2x0.3) 200 (90) 3591 (13593)
SK-1250 12x50x1 (3.6x15.2x0.3) 250 (113) 4488 (16989)

Quality Assurance

  • Air-lance tested to ensure the seal of all welds
  • Liquid tested and reviewed for leaks
  • Top hem adds strength to the top of the sidewall (1" safety factor)
  • All berms include serial numbers for tracking

Compact storage and transport

  • Berms will fold into a space a fraction of its original size
  • Shipping sizes range from 2'x2'x1'H for smaller berms, 4'x4'x1' for medium berms, and 4'x6'x1' for larger berms

Various sizes and applications

  • Small sizes commonly contain light plants, generators, light equipment, 55 gallon drums, and IBC's
  • Medium sizes include containment for medium-size equipment, small vehicles, IBC's, and machinery
  • Large sizes commonly contain large tankers, military vehicles, large equipment, and bulk storage of drums/IBC's
  • Custom sizes available

Flexible on Fabrics

  • Standard material: PVC
  • Other materials available upon request, including: Geoloy, XR, PTFF, 8123 ULT, and 8119 Liner
  • Custom materials

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