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Any Spill. Any time.

SpillKit.com was launched with one major goal in mind; to provide the most comprehensive spill station offering on the market. Our industry leading experts have spent years engineering the perfect spill kit selection to ensure the best value for our customers.  

Expertly designed, for YOU. 

When it comes to spills, we know that not every mess can be treated equally. That’s why we made it our mission at SpillKit.com to provide a wide range of application specific kits, that are expertly designed for you. 




Where Value meets Quality

Many spill kits in today’s wide range of offerings use price as a determining factor of what can be found inside.  Either they don’t have enough supplies to safely clean-up a spill or they have too many overpriced accessories included, (which most of the time aren't even used) just so they can justify a higher price point!

 At Spillkit.com we promise that every item included in our kits is designed to help you get the job done right, for every type of mess possible. We ensure that you have everything you need for a safe spill clean up, without adding unnecessary products that you won’t need. 

  • Our spill kits include thick, flock lined nitrile gloves, which are textured for added grip, and are chemical resistant. Perfect for a spill clean-up. 
  • Our safety goggles meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1 and CSA standards, and come with indirect ventilation for further protection from chemical splash / spill clean up work. 

In addition to high quality PPE supplies in every spill kit, all of our spill response kits are supplied with durable, high quality medium weight bonded absorbent pads. (Unlike many other spill stations that include non-bonded single weight "cheap-o" sorbent pads.)

SpillKit.com has a full offering of expertly designed and manufactured spill kits at the best prices, and every order is shipped free, every time. Check out our TOP SELLERS!

No minimum orders. Free Shipping in the USA.

Our History

A little more about our business; we were founded as a single company dedicated to creating a clean, safe environment for our customers and their employees by supplying the best Environmental, Safety, and Compliance products. Today EnSafeCo LLC is still operated with the same vision and is the parent company to a community of online stores that are highly specialized and diverse divisions, each dedicated to Amazing Customer Support.

In addition to fast, secure transactions, all of our divisions are staffed by trained industry professionals to ensure you get the expert advice you deserve.

Contact us today to order your expertly designed spill kit.  

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