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Spill Kit

About Us

Spillkit.com was launched by a team of industry experts to provide the best spill kits and the most comprehensive spill station offering on the market. We spent years engineering the perfect spill kit product line to ensure the best value for our customers.

For too long, most spill kits on the market have not included the necessary supplies to safely clean-up a spill or they have included too many overpriced supplies that you would rarely ever need. These companies are simply trying to sell a “cheap spill kit” or claim they have the “best spill kit” and real industry experience shows they are just marketing tactics and do not provide the best value.

At Spillkit.com our spill centers have been designed down to the smallest details to ensure you have everything you need to safely clean-up your spill response and nothing extra so you always know you are getting the best value at Spillkit.com.

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