Spill Kit News

Are You Prepared for Battery Acid Leaks and Spills?

13th Mar 2023

Battery acid is a highly corrosive material; any amount that may escape from its container can pose a threat to both people, property, and the environment. That’s why we here at Spillkit.com wanted to shed some light on the importance of including a proper Battery Acid Spill Kit in your arsenal of safety equipment.Nowadays, the use of lead batteries can be found in just about any industry and for … read more

​Secondary Spill Containment with Spillkit.com

24th Jan 2023

A secondary spill containment plan can be daunting to put into place. Perhaps your facility needs one unit for just a few drums, or a complex medley of products to ensure your facility is compliant with industry standards. Here is a quick review that is sure to offer some insight to help you choose, build, design and install as per your facility's needs.Primary Containment vs Secondary Containme … read more

​Choosing the Right Spill Kit

16th Aug 2022

Whether your work environment is a manufacturing facility, food service, construction, transport, or a warehouse, chances are the need to use spill kits or sorbents to clean up leaks or a major spill will arise.With so many options available, we here at Spillkit.com would like to offer some quick tips to ensure you’re purchasing the proper kit that will suit your needs, and your surroundings, and … read more

Managing Vehicle Fluid Leaks with SpillKit.com

18th Oct 2021

Spill Kits and Vehicle FluidsA motor vehicle is a complex piece of equipment that uses a variety of fluids for different functions; such as coolants, fuels, oils and battery acid, just to name a few. Whether you are working on, or around these machines, having the right spill kit gear close at hand for an unexpected spill or leak is crucial for a quick and efficient cleanup. Given the assortm … read more

Spill Kit Regulations

2nd Mar 2020

Q: Do SpillKit.com spill kits meet the requirements of US government regulations especially DOT, NPDES, OSHA and the SPCC?A: YES.All SpillKit.com spill kits fill an important role in the industrial facility by providing a means to cleanup and prevent spilled or leaked hazardous materials from reaching the drain and thus blocking them from entering the water supply as well keeping company property … read more