ENSORB Granular Spill Kit

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If granular absorbents are your spill response weapon of choice, then this spill kit is the perfect addition to your cleanup arsenal. ENSORB Super Absorbent is a highly efficient granular absorbent that is lightweight, environmentally friendly, and landfill safe. These properties result in lower shipping and disposal costs, and save you time when trying to clean up a spill. This kit features our popular and heavy duty Speedy Duffel bag and contains everything necessary to remediate a spill quickly.

  • Absorbs up to 2 gallons
  • Not compatible with hydrofluoric acid


  • (1) Heavy Duty Weather Resistant Duffel Spill Kit Bag (Safety Yellow w/HD Zipper)
  • (2) Gallon Jugs of ENSORB Super Absorbent
  • (1) Telescoping Broom Handle
  • (1) Spill Clean-Up Broom Head
  • (1) Dustpan/Brush Combo
  • (1) Pair Gloves (Chemical Resistant, Nitrile)
  • (1) Safety Goggle (w/ Indirect Ventilation)
  • (2) Disposal Bag with Tie
  • (1) Instruction Sheet and SDS

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