ENSORB Granular 95-Gallon Wheeled Salvage Drum Spill Kit

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Harness the power of ENSORB Super Absorbent with this fully stocked granular spill kit. It contains plenty of our most popular granular absorbent to handle large spills, while the wheeled salvage drum container allows you to easily maneuver the kit wherever a spill might occur. ENSORB is a highly efficient granular absorbent that is lightweight, environmentally friendly, and landfill safe. These properties result in lower shipping and disposal costs, and save you time when trying to clean up a spill. ENSORB will soak up just about any liquid spilled, including water. 

  • Absorbs up to 32 gallons
  • Not compatible with hydrofluoric acid


  • (1) 95 Gallon Wheeled Overpack Salvage Drum (UN 1H2/X113/S)
  • (4) 1.5 Cubic Foot Bags of ENSORB Super Absorbent
  • (1) Dispensing Scoop
  • (1) Telescoping Broom Handle
  • (1) Spill Clean-Up Broom Head
  • (1) Remco Collapsible Shovel
  • (1) Pair Gloves (Chemical Resistant, Nitrile)
  • (1) Safety Goggle (w/ Indirect Ventilation)
  • (20) Disposal Bag with Tie
  • (1) Instruction Sheet and SDS
Width: 32.00
Height: 48.00
Depth: 32.00

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