Spill Kits – (FAQs)

24th Aug 2021

1. How big of a spill kit is required?It depends on the size of the spill. There are several factors worth considering:Will spills be managed by a single kit or multiple kits throughout the facility?What is the largest spill possible (worst-case scenario)?What is the most likely spill to occur? This can/will vary in different areas of the facility.Generally, a spill kit should have sufficient abso … read more

Spill Kit Regulations

2nd Mar 2020

Q: Do spill kits meet the requirements of US government regulations especially DOT, NPDES, OSHA and the SPCC?A: YES.All spill kits fill an important role in the industrial facility by providing a means to cleanup and prevent spilled or leaked hazardous materials from reaching the drain and thus blocking them from entering the water supply as well keeping company property … read more

When a Spill Occurs

15th Nov 2019

1. Assess the Risk: Determine the nature and substance of the spill.2. Select Personal Protection (PPE): Select the proper clothing and gear to safely respond to the spill. If you cannot identify the spilled substance, always treat it as highly toxic.3. Contain the Spill: Use socks, dikes, and/or booms to contain the spill and keep it from spreading or contaminating water sources.4. Stop Product F … read more

Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC)

30th Jul 2019

Q: Do products help users comply with the Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) regulation (EPA 40CFR112) and the “1320 Rule”?A: YES.The SPCC regulation is the national oil spill regulation. The purpose of the SPCC regulation is prevention of oil discharge into navigable waters and related areas, rather than cleanup after a spill has occurred. The regulation generally a … read more